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What is a teleclass?

  • A teleclass is a group workshop using telephone conference call facilities.
  • All you need is a telephone.
  • The class is free: you only pay the cost of the call (2p/minute from BT landlines inc VAT; calls from mobiles and other networks may be higher).
  • If you're calling from abroad, you'll benefit from cheap international call rates.
  • There are no teleclasses currently scheduled, but visit this page again to get more news.

student's guide

case studies

"Andrea was an A-level science pupil who needed top grades to get into medical school. She was working very hard and getting As in her tests, but she was also getting tired and stressed..."
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"David dropped out of university when he was 20 and spent 10 years doing other work.
Then he got another place on a university course and wanted to be sure not to drop out again. So he came to see me to get study skills help. What worried me was how much he talked of making a good impression on his new course, resolving to give his work his 'one hundred per cent commitment' and to hand in every homework assignment 'on time every time'.  He planned to spend all spare time working and had already stopped seeing friends. This attitude was likely to lead to a breakdown especially because as a mature student David felt he had so much to prove..."
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"Jonathan was in his first year at university, studying Economics. But he was not working hard enough and this made him feel so guilty that he could barely look at a book. He was also smoking a lot of dope and feeling guilty about that too..."
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"Monica was working in Spain in industry. She called me a week before her Business Studies module with the Open University, which she needed to pass to get a promotion in her work. She wanted a few sessions on the telephone because she was feeling ‘scared stiff’ of sitting her exams. She didn't think she'd even make it into the exam hall. We went through her papers piece-meal, discussing her exam technique and essay planning in detail, until she was confident of using a good method for tackling her paper..."
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"12-year old Stan was extremely nervous about oncoming tests, partly because of his dyslexia diagnosis, partly because he found it impossible to work: like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, Stan would freeze at the prospect of work and find other things to do to distract himself from any academic demands.
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