Are you a school pupil or university student and…

  • Can’t concentrate?
  • Procrastinating?
  • Overwhelmed by your revision?
  • Scared stiff of exams?
  • Keep running out of time?
  • Wondering why others work seem to less for better results?
  • Never planned an essay in your life?
  • Fed up of being nagged? (And parents: fed up of nagging?)

Don’t worry: most study difficulties can be overcome, often quite easily. I have 30 years’ experience helping people of all ages improve their academic performance. I run a private practice in Central London. For students outside London and international students, I work by telephone or via video conferencing. All my work is one-on-one (though parents may sit in on sessions if the student wishes).

What’s the secret?

Three key aspects:

  1. In most cases I will teach a range of study skills and I will also adapt these to suit individual preferences. Sometimes all it takes is a session or two (though usually I recommend about five). Once students learn to work more efficiently, progress is usually quick: it is not uncommon for grades to improve across many subjects at once. 
  2. If the underlying cause of the study problem includes a fear of exams or some other emotional issue, I look at ways to reduce stress. Sometimes it’s just a case of talking things through, but I may also offer techniques, some described on this site. Progress here too can be very fast as even just a little more confidence makes a big difference in the heat of revision and exams.
  3. If parents are stressed too, I offer separate discussion and meetings for additional support in academically challenging times.  

Although people usually see me in order to improve their performance, paradoxically, I don’t focus too much on grades. My priority is to give a sense of general well-being and academic capability. Good grades and motivation flow naturally from that.

What you can get from this site

As well as appearing on radio and television, I have written for the national press. You can access my articles from this site, and they are packed with study tips for students and their parents (who seem to love the one on what not to say to your teen, for instance).

From time management to mind-mapping, my book The Student’s Guide to Exam Success tells you everything you need to know about studying. As well as giving out study skills, it gives due regard to the emotional challenges involved in being a student. Though it’s written with university students in mind, A-level students can relate to it perfectly well. It’s quick to read because it contains summaries down the margin and it is easy to purchase online, for instance.

But if you’re in a major hurry before your exams, I suggest that you download my Quick and Easy e-books from this site. These smaller books cover all study levels, from GCSE to university level, and include material relevant to mature students too.

You can also download, for free, my Quick and Easy Guide to Boosting your Studies and your Morale with EFT. (There’s also a smaller freebie on understanding exam instructions, which I put together because examiners’ top complaint is that students don’t answer the question!).

So whoever you are, whatever your situation, I hope this site helps you feel better very soon.