Are you at school and university and:

  • Wanting to refine your study methods?
  • Struggling to concentrate and procrastinating?
  • Wishing you could work more pleasurably?
  • Bored by revision but scared of exams?
  • Disorganised and always ‘lazy’ or ‘late’?
  • Wondering why others work less for better results?
  • Never planned an essay in your life?
  • Anxious not to fail a resit – or keen to reach a high academic goal?
  • Fed up of being nagged?
  • (And parents: are you fed up of worrying and nagging?)

It doesn’t matter the level, or your degree of ambition: I have 30 years’ experience in helping a wide variety of people to enjoy their work and improve their grades. My approach is friendly, confidential and non-judgmental. I run a private practice in Central London and I can work face-to-face or by telephone or video conferencing, as you prefer. All my work is one-on-one.

My approach

  1. I offer a range of study skills, which I adapt to meet individual preferences. Sometimes all it takes is a session or two (though usually I recommend about five). Once students have better technique, grades can often improve across many subjects at once. Some students who come to me are already academically successful but want better study skills so as to work more enjoyably.
  2. For a fear of exams or some other emotional block, I look at ways to reduce stress. I have a good toolkit for this, and the main approaches I use are described on this site. Sometimes it’s just a case of talking things through – again, all this is adapted to meet individual needs, so progress here too can be very quick. (Just a little more confidence can make a big difference in revision and exams.)
  3. Sometimes parents feel their own stress is aggravating things: I offer parent discussion and meetings, if this feels appropriate. 

Although people often see me to improve their school or university grades, my priority is to promote general well-being and academic capability. Three decades of experience have taught me that good grades and motivation flow naturally from that.

What you can get from this site

As well as appearing on radio and television, I have written many articles for the national press which you can access from this site, as they are packed with study tips for students and their parents. (Parents seem to love the one on what not to say to your teen, for instance.)

From time management to mind-mapping, my book The Student’s Guide to Exam Success explains how to save time and boost grades. It is also unique in helping with the many emotional blocks that often cause underperformance. It’s written for university students, but A-level students can also use it to their advantage. It’s quick to read because it contains summaries down the margin, and it is easily available online.

But if you’re in a major hurry before your exams, I suggest that you download my Quick and Easy e-books from this site. These smaller books troubleshoot study problems from GCSE to university level, and include material relevant to mature students too.

You can also download, for free, my Quick and Easy Guide to Boosting your Studies and your Morale with EFT. (I also offer a free ebooklet on understanding exam instructions, which I put together because examiners’ top complaint is that students don’t answer the question!).

For Parents, Pupils and Students in Lockdown

I have written a blog post to help schooling parents with links to resources, legal information and support by experienced home educators.

I hope this site is helpful to you – feel free to call me if you’d like more information.