Surviving Revision and Exams at School

Are your classmates panicking? Have your teachers started warning you that time is running short? This simple but powerful guide takes the sting out of exams and shows you how to stay calm.

It also gives you all the techniques essential to exam success at school level.

  • Devise a revision timetable that you can actually follow (I know, sounds impossible).
  • Take guilt-free time off.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Revise in ways that won’t let you down in an exam.
  • Plan your essays well in five minutes.

And enjoy a rather lively tour of what not to do on the day! Plus boring but important information on how what you eat and drink can affect your performance. Oh, and how to deal with nagging parents – once you’ve got over thanking them for buying you this book, of course.

12,000 words


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