The Student’s Guide to Exam Success

Exams frighten almost everyone.

Fear of failure (and even of success) can make even the most able students struggle with coursework, revision and exams. Most study guides overlook these powerful underlying emotions.

Unique in allaying the anxieties that cause people to procrastinate, go blank, swot pointlessly or underperform, this book can change your attitude and help you break free:

  • Understand your fears
  • Stop panicking and start enjoying your work
  • Develop a balanced mental approach to your exams

In addition, it offers a wealth of grade-boosting tips:

  • Devise a revision strategy that works
  • Write powerful essays
  • Learn how to speed-read
  • Create effective notes and mind-maps
  • Remember what you learn

Written simply and humorously, with summaries enabling busy students to read quickly, this is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly study guides available.

The second edition contains additional material for mature students and a brand new chapter offering real-life student testimonials.

You can  buy the book from Amazon or direct from the Open University Press website.


‘An indispensable study aid’ BBC Radio One

‘Feeling anxious about exams? Try Eileen Tracy’s The Student’s Guide to Exam Success… A lively and friendly introduction to exams and assessments, this also provides an especially good analysis of causes and possible cures for exam anxiety’ New Scientist

‘The most life-enhancing publication to come my way in a very long time… a revelation’ Nathalie Wheen on Classic FM

‘A saviour… Read in one day… it works! Ever felt you’re spiralling into a black hole? This book will awaken the passion you once had for your studies – it’s there, you just can’t feel it… until the first few lines of Chapter 1. Turn a nightmare back to your dream – and realise it.’ Student on Amazon

‘I felt that I was pathetic and a real failure. It was so comforting and reassuring to find out that I was not alone with my problems… that I should enjoy the learning process and not focus just on the result’ Student (anonymous)

“What a wonderful approach to exam success. As well as tackling issues such as fear of failure and the stress of the exam situation, Eileen Tracy actually works on what students can positively gain including enjoying their work and developing the confidence to thrive on exams. A ‘real world’ book which aims to fit academic development into people’s busy modern lives and succeeds at every turn. The author ‘shows a true understanding of how emotion can often overcome more conscious logical approaches like willpower and swotting. Emotional resources are seen as absolutely essential to better exam performance.”

‘supportive, understanding, and a very personal approach… offers advice on developing emotional strength in response to the increasingly heavy demands that are made on students in the modern world.’

‘explodes myths about examinations, exposes irrational fears about success and failure and offers students critical emotional resources in facing academic pressure… Fear of failure often leaves students unable to get started or keeps them up all night revising. Tracy helps students to fight this fear and fulfil their potential’ Education and Training