Stop Panicking and Start Learning

Are you a swot or a rabbit? Faced with prospect of A levels or Finals, do you work non-stop or freeze at the magnitude of the task? Both responses are born of a misplaced but widespread panic that your future hangs on good results. This guide can turn you into the rational and capable student you wish you were, by offering you:

  • crucial study priorities to reduce your revision workload while boosting productivity, so that you stop swotting and freezing;
  • a critical analysis of the myths, snobbery and elitism surrounding A levels and degree classification, revealing why attitude matters more than grades;
  • practical strategies to help you to face your fear of underperforming and, paradoxically, enabling you to succeed better than ever.

Packed with case studies illustrating that career success is open to all and not just to the A*s and 2.1s, this guide will re-motivate any student who is trying to keep their head whilst all around are losing theirs.

14,000 words


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