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Dealing with deadlines

Congratulations: you’ve made the grade and you’re going to university – but now that no one is breathing down your neck, how are you going to keep up with those deadlines?

The Telegraph – August 18, 2010

The parents’ guide to dealing with results

Chances are it’s not just the school leaver in the family who’s happy or sad with their grades. Eileen Tracy suggests ways for parents to deal with success and failure

The Telegraph – August 20, 2009

Ten things never to say to a teenager

Son or daughter failing to knuckle down to the revision? Maybe you are partly to blame…

The Guardian – May 19, 2009

Work this way

Freshers’ week is all very well, but sooner or later you have to face up to the reality: you are at university and you have no idea how to write an essay. Eileen Tracy offers some advice

The Guardian – October 7, 2003

Serious Anxiety Over Revision Syndrome

Paralysed by the fear of those looming exams? Expert Eileen Tracy offers some practical tips by means of her most frequently asked questions

The Guardian – May 6, 2003

Revision: a parent’s guide

How good are you at helping children prepare for exams?

Edited version published in The Telegraph – May 11, 2002

Fail-safe guide

A tried and tested 10-point plan for fouling up your exams as effectively as possible…

The Guardian – May 7, 2002

A duffer’s guide to revision

Suffering from pre-exam procrastination? Facing the fear may help you to pull your finger out.

The Guardian – March 5, 2002

Exam stress

Can websites help children deal with exam pressures? Ros Taylor interviews Eileen Tracy.

The Guardian – May 23, 2000

In need of attention

It’s estimated that nearly 200,000 British children are on psychiatric medication. Many parents feel there is no alternative. But such widespread use of drugs may be eclipsing other viable – and possibly safer – options.

The Guardian – April 11, 2000

Fear of failure

How can parents help their children tackle SATs? Eileen Tracy suggests some stress relief.

The Guardian – March 21, 2000

Wonder drug, or playground curse?

It is being prescribed in huge quantities as a cure for inattentive or difficult children: those with attention deficit disorder. But there are nasty side-effects to Ritalin, not least of which is the fact that it is changing hands in the playground for money.

The Guardian – October 12, 1999

A study in despair

Failure is depressing. What is generally not acknowledged, however, is how deeply it affects not only the failing student but also the family and the community of friends and teachers on whom he or she depends.

The Guardian – August 24, 1999

Home grunt

Slamming doors and angry outbursts followed by brooding silence. These are the themes: households the length and breadth of the country play out all manner of variations on them in the run-up to exams. It seems that thousands of youngsters don’t care about their results.

The Guardian – May 11, 1999