Individual Tuition

Telephone (020) 7727 2118

How tuition works

I work weekdays and some bank holidays with all ages and abilities, from age 13 through to university, including mature students. Some students have a diagnosis such as dyslexia, others don’t. Some are high performing, others just hoping to pass.

Please call me before booking so that I can get a sense of what you would like. I normally start with just one hour, after which you or your son or daughter can decide whether to continue or not, and if so, on what basis.

In the first hour I aim to give out material that would be most helpful right away, so usually for school pupils, there’s some preliminary discussion with parents to clarify goals.

After this introduction, my most common recommendation is to do a course of five hours as this gives time to cover most basics. But some people want less, others more. Some prefer weekly sessions, others fortnightly or monthly. I try to be as flexible as possible in meeting individual preferences.

If it simplifies travel and to make use of holiday time, I can arrange intensive courses: a couple of two or two-and-a-half hour sessions with a short tea-break in the middle can work very well (especially for older students from A level upward).

Students outside London and international students can work with me by telephone or online.

Parent involvement

Younger students sometimes like their parent to accompany them or take part in sessions and I welcome this.

Otherwise, you can drop your teenager off after settling them in.

Because studying can feel personal, I keep my discussions with students confidential, and most parents wish it that way. However, I can and do give parents feedback on study skills progress.

I can also offer support and guidance to parents on helping their teen in the run-up to exams. This may involve one or more telephone sessions.

I may recommend a routine one-hour parent meeting. This is charged at the same hourly rate, or taken as part of a course.


Sometimes, for quick results, I offer EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping. It can be extremely successful, but please read the disclaimer below.

DISCLAIMER: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage, and thus you must take complete responsibility for your use of it. Further, Eileen Tracy is not a licensed health professional and offers EFT as a study skills counsellor. Do not use EFT to diagnose or treat medical or mental conditions of any kind. Consult your health care provider or licensed therapist with any concern you may have regarding your health or mental state.

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Please give at least 24 working hours’ notice of cancellation.