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Last-minute exam tips… for parents

With only days to go, how can you best help your teenager to prepare for exams? Eileen Tracy’s 10 answers may surprise you

Overcome all your study problems...

  • Can’t concentrate?
  • Wondering how come everyone else works less... for better results?
  • Procrastinating?
  • Overwhelmed by your revision?
  • Scared stiff of exams?
  • Never planned an essay in your life?
  • Fed up of being nagged?
  • (And parents: fed up of nagging?)

Don’t worry: you’ve landed on the right site. All of these study problems can be overcome. I have 25 years’ experience helping school pupils and university students to improve their work. I offer a range of grade-boosting study skills within a confidential counselling setting to tackle academic difficulties and get to the root of the problem. I also use stress-busting Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for rapid results. I work with parents where appropriate. My unique approach has helped people of all ages and backgrounds to fulfil and expand their academic potential.

I run a private practice in central London. For national and international students I offer a telephone and email service.

I write on education and parenting issues for the national press, and appear on radio and television. My articles are packed with study tips, and you can access them from this site.

My book, The Student's Guide to Exam Success tells you everything you need to know about studying and scoring from A levels to Finals. It’s quick to read because it contains summaries down the margin.

But if you’re in a major hurry before your exams, my downloadable Quick and Easy e-books focus on select study issues. They cover all levels, from GCSE to university level, and include material relevant to mature students too.

You can also download, for free, my Quick and Easy Guide to Boosting your Studies and your Morale with EFT. It’s one of my gifts to you because I know how hard studying can be.

There’s plenty of other free information and materials here to get you started. So whoever you are, whatever your situation, I hope this site will make you feel better very soon.

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